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Monday, May 11, 2015


"The will to conquer is the first condition of victory"

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Engineering the Biofuels of Tomorrow

Algaergy LLC
Algaergy LLC focuses on maximizing the growth cycle and carbon sequestration of microalgae to generate biofuel, a cost-effective, eco-friendly and renewable alternative energy source, utilizing the concept of algae based energy..... ALGAERGY!
Biofuel production from abundant renewable biomass resources is widely considered to be one of the most sustainable alternatives to petroleum based fuels and a viable means for environmentally sustainable energy.
Microalgae, an actively researched and studied alternative source for biofuels, has two major conceptual setbacks.
The Algae Biofuel Bottleneck Issue.....
  • FIRST:  Algae growth is too slow to generate sustainable large quantities of biomass for biofuel production.
  • SECOND:  Engineering algae to grow faster result in reduced lipid (fats) biosynthesis leading to inadequate biofuel yields. 

Algaergy LLC Technology to Overcome These Limitation:

Algaergy Platform and Strategy
We, at Algaergy LLC, want your help to fund research and development (R&D) in studying and genetically modifying microalgae for use in generating sustainable, cost-effective and eco-friendly biofuels.
Since incorporation in 2013, our team has worked diligently to research and implement a strategy to overcome the algae biofuel bottleneck issue.

During our initial 2 years, our team tested a genetic engineering strategy to maximize carbon sequestration in microalgae, thereby maximizing the conversion of C02 & water into increased algae biomass for biofuel production!!!!   Initial results are promising and suggest our technology does increase overall carbon sequestration, chlorophyll content, growth, size and biomass of microalgae compared with lower yields seen in microalgae used in the industry today.

(2015 - 2018) 
PHASE 2 depends on obtaining additional funding for infrastructure, equipment, lab space and on building our team of experts!
We have applied, or have applications in the process, for SBIR-PHASE 1 Grants through the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation. In addition, we will be presenting our platform to several investors.
Our team built Algaergy LLC..... now we need your help to take this technology into production!  

(2018 and beyond) 
Algaergy LLC technology is based on optimizing the evolutionary conserved process of carbon sequestration.  This process is NOT limited to only microalgae, but can be applied to all orders of plant life!
Through collaborations we are currently developing, we will use our strategy of maximizing carbon sequestration in microalgae for biofuels, and apply this same technology for use in other plants for increased crop growth, natural product production and discovery.......

What We Need & What You Get
  • We need your help to take our research and company to the next level. We are looking to raise $50,000 -100,000 through crowdfunding.
  • With your help, you will become a part of the Algaergy LLC team!!
  • If we are unable to meet our target goals, all funds will still go towards research and development and we will keep you updated on our progress.

The Impact
The possibility of deriviing biofuels from locally grown sources, such as microalgae ponds or farms, and using them as alternatives to petrol products is an attractive alternative to fossil fuels.  Investment in biofuel development will also lead to a significant boost in future economical development, such as increased need for algae farms and labor.  It is that energy consumption will increase by 84% by 2035, and new sources of energy, such as biofuels, will be needed to meet this demand.
With research and development focused toward advancing appropriate production methods, biofuels should produce fewer greenhouse gases than are currently produced by fossil fuels, and as such have a lower overall carbon footprint.  The Algaergy LLC team has dedicated over 2 years to building a genetic engineering strategy to increase the carbon sequestration rate of microalgae, thus increasing overall algae biomass for biofuel production.  Help us shape the future of cost-effective production of biofuels and alternative energy!

Risks & Challenges
The biggest hurdle faced by current companies working on extracting biofuels from microalgae is overall sustainability due to slow algae growth and/or lipid content. We, with your help, would be working on lowering the barriers of entry for these companies by providing a solution on sustainable rapid algae growth that maximizes carbon sequestration and the creation of necessary algae byproducts for biofuel production.

    The Algaergy Team
    The Algaergy LLC team is geared for success:
    • Dr. Kevin M. Curtis                                                                                                        - Ph.D. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (10+ years)                                              - Experience in the marine sciences (5+ years)                                                    - Accomplished scientist with a track record of successful research                          endeavors (>20+ publication) and obtaining research funding!
    • Dr. Daniel Pelaez                                                                                                          - Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering (10+ years)                                                                    - Experienced in molecular biology                                                    - Accomplished scientist with a track record of successful research                          endeavors!
    • Sarah Youbi                                                                                                                  - MBA                                                                                                                                                - 5+ year entrepreneurial and advertising experience                                                                                                                                                        

    Other Ways You Can Help
    Some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean they can't help:
    • Help us get the word out and make some noise about our campaign! Please share this link  or use the Indiegogo share tools whenever and wherever possible!
    • Also check us out on Facebook - Algaergy LLC and stay tuned for updates!

    ALGAERGY LLC was founded by hard working scientists who are passionate about creating a better future with their ideas!  Be revolutionary!  Join our team today!
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